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Prosecutors, especially in large cities, regularly hire an entering class during fall recruiting. However, please be aware that hiring may depend on budget approvals, may not be finalized until the summer, and may be restricted to individuals who are already barred.  OCPD has a handout which provides guidance on preparing for a career as a prosecutor, as well as a list of alumni prosecutors who are available to speak with students.

Prosecutors’ offices typically have a three- or four-stage interview process, during which you will likely be asked hypotheticals or required to do a simulated court argument. It is difficult to make broad generalizations about the hiring processes of state attorneys general as size of offices, workload, and hiring practices vary significantly by jurisdiction. Some offices hire many entry-level attorneys each year, while others only hire entry-level attorneys through Honors Programs.

All offices want to know why an applicant is interested in being a prosecutor and seek to determine if an applicant understands that the role of a prosecutor is to do justice. Although prosecutors expect students to have performed well in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Evidence, academic performance is just one indicator of an applicant’s potential. Evidence of practical experience, such as clinics, internships, moot court, and externships is greatly encouraged.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact OCPD, at (202) 319-5132 or