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Interview, Cancellation & Withdrawal Policy

INTERVIEW POLICY: Please read carefully!

1. OCI Screening Interviews: By bidding for an employer, YOU AGREE that you will schedule and appear for an interview. You must schedule a time slot with all employers that select you. You will choose an available interview time via Symplicity. Interview time slots are on a first-come, first-served basis thus, it is advisable to sign up as soon as possible. Selection of a time slot is binding; interviews cannot be cancelled (exceptions noted below). You will be notified by e-mail if you are selected for an interview with On-campus, Off-campus or Boston Interview Program employer.

2. Alternates: You will be notified by email if you are selected as an alternate for an employer. The Assistant Director for Outreach & Recruiting will contact you if an open slot becomes available. You will receive an interview slot in the ranking order (1, 2, 3) as indicated by the employer. (Note: Slots often become available when students accept a previous job offer, accept an OCI offer, or withdraw entirely from fall recruiting).

3. Callback Interviews: If an employer invites you to its firm/organization for a callback interview, you are required to RESPOND to the invitation. You may decline the invitation; however, if you fail to respond, most employers will contact OCPD. Not responding to an invitation is unprofessional, impermissible and reflects poorly on the Columbus School of Law.

4. Résumé Collection and Direct Send employers WILL CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY if they wish to interview you. If employers have trouble reaching you, they will contact OCPD. (You do not sign up for interviews on Symplicity).



1. Signing up for a time slot obligates you to appear for the interview on time, except in cases of serious illness, accident, death of a family member or friend, etc. "Cancellations and No Shows" are unprofessional and reflect poorly on you as well as the law school. A “cancellation/no show” will result in wasting an interview slot that could have been used by one of your peers. Employers expect students to treat on-campus interviews the same as in-office interviews.

2. If it becomes necessary to cancel your interview, please contact the Office of Career and Professional Development at (202) 319-5132 immediately. Do not cancel by email or voicemail on the day of your interview. A live voice communication is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

3. Failure to appear for an interview, absent a compelling reason, will result in the suspension from further participation in any Fall Recruiting activities. The student must meet with the Director and/or Assistant Director for Outreach & Recruiting and will be required to promptly write a letter of apology to the employer before recruiting privileges are restored. Your letter must be submitted to OCPD within 24 hours for forwarding to the employer. You will be blocked from further interviews, until you submit your apology letter.


1. Students generally withdraw from fall recruiting after they have (1) completed a summer position and have accepted an offer from the employer; (2) have accepted an OCI offer; or (3) have completely withdrawn their participation in the fall recruiting program due to personal, academic or supplementary reasons.

2. To withdraw, you must notify the Assistant Director for Outreach & Recruiting immediately so that your interview slots may be released, if applicable, to alternates and remove your name from all future OCI inquiries. Please follow- up your withdrawal with written confirmation (letter/note/email) and submit to the Assistant Director for Outreach & Recruiting promptly.

The guidelines set forth in the Fall Recruiting Program’s Interview and Cancellation Policy serve to assist you to better navigate your fall recruiting journey. If at any time during the Fall Program you have questions, problems, conflicts or other issues that will encumber your participation, please contact OCPD at any time. We can be reached at (202) 319-5132, by fax at (202) 319-4734 or through

Good luck!

The Office of Career and Professional Development