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Fall Recruiting Procedures 2013


Student Information & Registration Packet




Registration for the Fall Recruiting Program has begun. Third-year students must register again if you participated in 2012.

1. TO REGISTER, all students must:

a. Submit your cover letter to OCPD for review by June 21, 2013;

b. Do a mock interview with an OCPD staff member by June 21, 2013;

c. Submit (via email, fax or by hand) a copy of your Résumé to OCPD between July 1 and July 10, 2013; at the same time, upload a copy of the same résumé to Symplicity. (See the Student Guide to Symplicity for detailed instructions on how to upload your résumé).

2. OCPD must verify your GPA and Rank and it must not be changed on your résumé after it has been verified and approved.

a. Pursuant to law school policy, if your GPA and/or Rank are included on your résumé, they must be reported exactly as stated by the Office of Academic Affairs.

b. GPAs are carried out to three decimal points and must be reported in this manner. For example, a GPA of 3.000 may not be rounded to 3; it must be written to three decimal points, i.e., 3.000.

c. If converting class rank from a ratio to percentage, you cannot round it up. Thus, if you are ranked 40 out of 263, this translates to within the Top 16% of your class, because the calculation results in 15.20912. This does not equal Top 15% because you are slightly below the Top 15%. You will not be approved for Fall Recruiting if your GPA or rank is written incorrectly. You are not obligated to list class rank or GPA on your résumé.

3. OCPD will send you an Approved or Not Approved email regarding your registration. It is advisable to register early so you will have time to fix error(s) to your registration prior to the opening of Bidding for The Boston Interview Program on Monday, July 15.

4. Once approved to participate in Fall Recruiting, you will be notified by email with our suggested résumé edits. You may revise your uploaded résumé as often as you wish. If applicable, you should re-upload and mark the newer version as your “default” résumé which will be the version presented to employers. You do not need to resubmit your revised résumé to OCPD once you have been approved unless you are changing your GPA or class rank.

PLEASE NOTE: If you register on the last day of student registration, Wednesday, July 10, we will attempt to send you an Approval email notice by Monday, July 15; otherwise shortly thereafter!

5. EDITS: OCPD will review your résumé and offer revisions/suggestions. OCPD will return your edited résumé by email in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. We are unable to upload your résumé onto Symplicity for you.

If your GPA and/or Rank are reported incorrectly or if your same/matching résumé is not uploaded properly on Symplicity, you will not be registered for Fall Recruiting until corrected and the proper résumé is uploaded. Please notify OCPD when completed. We will re-check and re-issue an Approval email, if applicable.


1. RÉSUMÉS: Have enough originals of your approved résumé, list of references, writing sample (5-10 pages) and transcripts to submit to Direct Send employers. You will NOT need an original résumé for each on-campus, off-campus, Boston Interview Program or résumé collection employer as all submissions will be done electronically via Symplicity. Review the employer section called “Additional Requests” to determine which documents you will need to bring with you to your interview. OCPD suggests that to be “safe” you should take copies of your résumé, transcript, writing sample and a list of references to all interviews.

2. TRANSCRIPTS: You will need an official law school transcript. As indicated in the “Additional Requests” section of Symplicity, employers may request your transcript at the time of your interview. You only need ONE ORIGINAL from which you will MAKE MULTIPLE COPIES to distribute to employers. These copies will serve as official transcripts during fall recruiting. Employers eventually will want to see an original transcript. PLEASE NOTE: Electronic copies of your official transcript will not upload well onto the Symplicity website. You may need to copy and paste your grades into a word documents and upload that document into the system as an unofficial transcript.

3. TYPES OF EMPLOYERS: You should know the different types of employers that participate in Fall Recruiting. Do not overlook any of these employers as one may be your next potential employer.

a. On-campus (OCI): conduct interviews in the OCPD Interview Suites

b. Off-campus: conduct interviews in their local DC/MD/VA offices

c. Résumé Collection (RC): request that OCPD collect students’ résumés and forward them to the employer as a group/bundle. The employer will contact (phone/email/mail) students directly, at their own pace, to set up interviews in their offices. Unfortunately, OCPD can not manage when employer contact will occur.

d. Boston Interview Program (BIP) employers conduct interviews in their downtown Boston offices.

e. Direct Send (DS) employers request that students send their résumé information directly to the employer; the only involvement OCPD has with Direct Send employers is to convey their requests to students. Many DS employers are long distance, and are focused on students who are truly interested in their firm/practice/location, etc.

4. RESEARCH: Fall Recruiting 2013 participating employers are listed on Symplicity at; click the OCI tab and search under sessions. Students will only be able to see employers who seek their class year. Please check Symplicity often, as employers will continue to register for the 2013 FRP throughout the recruiting season.

a. Do not overlook the links to employer websites. Employer websites are an excellent resource for additional information about an employer, including information on hiring criteria, practice groups, summer programs, interviewing offices, etc.

b. Research via the 2013 NALP Directory of Legal Employers (,,, and for recent news updates. You can also research employers by searching the firm résumé, previous Summer Evaluation Forms located in OCPD, the Insider’s Guide to Law Firms, and the Vault Career Library on your Symplicity homepage. You should also review OCPD’s Interviewing Skills handout for further tips on how to research and select an employer.


a. BIDDING: For ALL on-campus, off-campus, BIP, and RC employers, you must apply online for each employer by the designated 12 noon deadlines. Also, you will only be allowed to bid (apply) for employers requesting résumés from your class year (2D/3E or 3D/4E).

b. Almost All BID deadlines occur before you return to school! Therefore, you must research the Fall Recruiting employers and bid for them before returning for the Fall semester. If you wait until the final hours on the bid date, 12 noon deadlines, you may experience a system overload and slow response time, thus, preventing your bids on Symplicity. Do not wait until the final hours!

NOTE: It does not matter if you bid on day #1 or day #5 – all documents will be submitted to employers at the same time. DO NOT MISS 12 noon deadlines!

a. The BID dates with 12:00 noon (EST) deadlines* are as follows:

2013 Bid Dates OCI Blocked Dates: 9/2 (Labor); 9/4-6 (Rosh); 9/13-14 (Yom Kippur); 10/14 (Columbus) Bid Period Open Deadline*

Bid Open Open Deadline*
Bid Date #1 = OCI & RC
Friday, July 19
Thursday, July 25 @ NOON
Bid Date #2 = OCI & RC Thursday, Aug. 1 Thursday, Aug. 8 @ NOON
Bid Date #3 = OCI & RC Friday, Aug. 9 Friday, Aug. 16 @ NOON
Bid Date #4 = OCI & RC Friday, Aug. 16 Thursday, Aug. 22 @ NOON
Bid Date #5 = OCI & RC Thursday, Sept. 12 Thursday, Sept. 19 @ NOON
BIP 2013 Monday, July 15 Wed., July 17 @ NOON

*Cannot be extended

6. BIP: The 11th Annual Boston Interview Program, co-sponsored by American University, Washington College of Law and Tulane University, will take place on Friday, August 23, 2013 in the Boston offices of participating firms. Interested students will bid for employers in the Boston Interview Program 2013 session. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Boston for the interviews.

7. DS: (DIRECT SEND) Employers: Students should mail materials to DS employers as soon after they receive this information -- no later than the first week of August and/or by the employer deadline. This is especially true for employers in New York City, who typically conduct Fall Recruiting interviews in early to August. For NYC employers, you should apply as early as the second week in July to ensure consideration by all employers. Also check Symplicity’s Job Bank as many employers post directly to Symplicity as DS employers.

8. JOB FAIRS: Review the materials available under the STUDENT page on the OCPD website for more information on job fairs and registration deadlines.

The guidelines set forth in the Fall Recruiting Program’s Procedures serve to assist you to better navigate your fall recruiting journey. If at any time during the Fall Program you have questions, problems, conflicts or other issues that will encumber your participation, please contact OCPD at any time. We can be reached at (202) 319-5132 or

Good luck!
The Office of Career and Professional Development