The Catholic University of America

Cracow & Abroad Students Read This Packet

Our 2013 Fall Recruiting Program student registration for Cracow & Abroad students has begun.

To register you will need a Symplicity Username & Password. If you do not have one, please email OCPD at We are unable to produce logins and passwords over the phone. It will be emailed to you or go to to register. Be sure to complete your Symplicity profile. Please read the online Student packet for additional details.

1. Upload your résumé on Symplicity and e-mail to let OCPD know that has been uploaded . . . we will print it for you and submit to our Directors and Career Advisors for review. They will make suggested edits and email your .pdf version of your revised résumé. If you are including your g.p.a. and/or rank on your résumé, be sure to do submit your résumé with this information added. Your résumé must be submitted to OCPD between July 1 and July 10, 2013.

2. Conduct a mock interview with an OCPD staff member (in person or via Skype) before June 21, 2013.

3. Submit your cover letter to OCPD (through before June 21, 2013.