The Catholic University of America


Time Management on Exams    


1.      Set limits on time for each essay BEFORE you start taking your final.  



2.      Within each essay limit spend 1/3 of time by:


a.      First, read the call of the question.


b.      Second, read the hypothetical and start highlighting/underlining the facts you will use in your answer.



c.       Third, re-read the call of the question and draw a diagram. This serves as a way to ensure that you answer the question asked.


d.      Fourth, outline your answer before you start writing.



e.      Finally, start writing your answer.



3.      When you have 5 minutes left for the essay:

a.      Finish the sentence you were working on.  


b.      Then bullet point the rest of the outline you were unable to convert into full sentences.



4.      Maximize the remaining time left of the exam by:

a.      Converting the essay with the highest number of bullet points into full sentences.