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"Reading the Cues" :  What is Likely to be Tested!


Start thinking about what topics covered on the final beginning the 6th week of the semester (little over  1/3 of the semester) – topics that are “testable”


a.       Predicting what will be on the exam, how you need to show what you know, and practicing that performance is a way to LEARN what the course thought most important to teach


b.      The exam is made by your professor based on his/her course NOT an external assessment


c.       It is useful to think of improving grades as a byproduct of learning more efficiently and effectively not the “goal”

2.       Create a short outline

a.       What information do you get from teachers that helps you predict a topic to be tested?


b.      What information do you get from teachers about the analytical approach they will expect in answering the question?


3.       Look at last semester’s old exams or practice essay questions

a.       Had you predicted what was tested?


b.      Did you have study materials specific to that topic?


c.       Had you written practice answer to a question on that topic?


4.       Once you have predicted what legal issues are most likely to be tested on high credit questions

a.       THOSE must be overlearned (automated), create pre-written answers, and practice!


b.      You do not have time to over learn everything studied in the course but to be a successful lawyer you have to set priorities