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A Message from Admissions:

Thank you for your interest in The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law. Students at Catholic know how special our law school is. Our mutually supportive learning environment is one of the law school’s most outstanding attributes. Here at Catholic we pride ourselves in our exceptional blend of rigorous academics, professionally enriching externship opportunities, collegial environment and bright employment prospects.

One of our greatest strengths is our community. Our students, faculty and administration are committed to creating an enriching learning environment. We value the perspective that each student brings to the law school and we embrace diversity in its broadest forms. Our commitment to diversity does not end with our students. It is reflected at all levels of our administration and our faculty as well.
As alumni of Catholic and now members of the law admissions staff, we believe in the law school’s commitment to diversity. Faculty, administration and students work together to create an environment of inclusiveness. As a law school community we are very aware of the importance of varying perspectives, diverse backgrounds and contrasting experiences in the law school classroom.
It is our job as a law school not only to train the next best lawyers, but to provide an enriching law school education to each of our students. Striving to attain the most diverse class possible allows Catholic Law to produce legal professionals of conscience and compassion; leaders well-prepared and capable of resolving the most difficult legal issues.
We look forward to working with you to help you learn more about Catholic.
Your CUA Law Admissions Team,
Shani, Duane, Ed, Kristina





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