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Family Law Concentration


No other concentration affects the daily lives of clients as intensely as family law, which encompasses traditional issues such as domestic violence, custody, child welfare, adoption, child support, elder law, and estate planning. 
In recent years, however, a whole new set of legal issues has arisen within the field, the result of the rapid adoption of same sex marriage, the rise in single-parent and grand-parented households, and other fundamental changes to society. These changes are expected to fuel a growing need for accomplished lawyers who can practice evolving family law in a variety of settings, including law firms, legal service providers, and child-welfare agencies. 
This concentration prepares students by offering a wide variety of specialized courses and training. In addition to courses centered on family law, the law school provides students with unique clinical options. Our nationally recognized Families and the Law, Advocacy for the Elderly, Low Income Taxpayer and Civil (formerly General) Practice clinics supply students with invaluable opportunities to represent clients and gain practical experience.
A "Tracking Sheet" should be used by students to track their progress in completing the concentration. Once all requirements are fulfilled, students should bring the tracking sheet to their concentration coordinator. The concentation coordinator will verify requirements have been met and then sign the bottom of the form. The form should then be submitted to the registrar for processing of the concentration completion letter.
Outside the law school walls, CUA Law has a strong family law alumni network, creating abundant possibilities for professional mentoring and externships.
Students who concentrate in family law enter the work force with a combination of interpersonal skills, case-management knowhow, and subject-matter expertise to help families resolve important personal and financial problems.  


Professor Laurie Lewis
Coordinator, Family Law Concentration