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Certificate Programs and Concentrations

To respond to the increased demand for specialized legal skills, CUA Law offers nine options for study in specialized areas of practice. Students who fulfill the requirements of either of these programs will graduate with enhanced expertise in a particular area of the law. Certificate programs and concentrations offer different levels of specialized legal training, but either path distinguishes the graduate as especially practice-ready in their chosen area of interest.

Certificate Programs

Admission to one of the law school’s certificate programs represents the most rigorous specialized legal education offered at CUA Law. Each program has developed its own academic criteria, which supplement the general JD program. Certification from these well-connected and highly regarded Institutes offers graduates a significant career competitive edge. 

CUA Law offers certificate programs in the following practice areas:

> Communications Law
> Comparative and International Law
> Law and Public Policy
> Securities Law


Concentrations encourage increased academic focus within a field of interest, but do not result in a certification. They include foundational requirements, a menu of electives, one upper division writing requirement, and a transition to practice course requirement.  Each concentration has a designated faculty member as its coordinator to advise students concerning course selection.

CUA Law offers concentrations in the following practice areas:

> Civil Litigation
> Criminal Litigation
> Family Law
> Intellectual Property
> Labor and Employment Law
> Securities Law



Other Practice Areas

Students who are not enrolled in one of the certificate programs or concentrations can choose from a wide array of elective courses to design an academic plan that is tailored to their educational and professional objectives.

   > Environment and Energy Law
   > Intellectual Property Program
   > Interdisciplinary Program in Law
      and Religion

   > Upper-Division Courses