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The J.D. Program

Academic Programs


The Juris Doctor program at the Columbus School of Law is a comprehensive legal education experience designed to equip our students for a professional career in the law. An extensive course selection, professional skills training, clinical opportunities, and co-curricular activities add up to a rich academic program.


To be eligible for the J.D. degree, a student must earn at least 84 semester hours of credit while maintaining a GPA of at least 2.15.

Students can earn their degrees in either a six-semester day program or an eight-semester evening program. Courses are offered in two academic year semesters and one annual summer session. Both day and evening semesters run from August to mid-December and January to mid-May.

Classes in both divisions are scheduled Mondays through Fridays and occasionally Saturday mornings. All students should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to library research.

Small class size

One of the greatest benefits of the Columbus School of Law is our class size. The law school maintains smaller-than-average class size to ensure considerable student and faculty interchange. Few classes are larger than 80. The average class size is 70 for the first year and 30 for the upper division.

First-Year Curriculum

Advanced Curriculum


At the Columbus School of Law, the academic programs are a comprehensive legal education weaving a strong theoretical foundation with sophisticated practical training. This distinctive educational approach furnishes students with the practical and mental tools to face the demands of the 21st century.