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Columbus School of Law Course and Exam Schedule

Course Schedule & Exam Schedule

Fall 2017 Course Schedule

Fall 2017 Upper Class Course Schedule   [Block] [Writing] [Experiential Learning] [TtP]
(changes as of 7/19/2017)

Fall 2017 First Year Course Schedule
(changes as of 7/10/2017)

Summer 2017 Course and Exam Schedule

Summer 2017 Course Schedule
(changes as of 5/19/2017)

Summer 2017 Exam Schedule
(changes as of 3/30/2017)


Spring 2018 Course Schedule

Tentative Spring 2018 Upper Class Course Schedule  [Block] [Writing] [Exp Learning] [TtP]
(changes as of 6/29/2017)

Spring 2018 First Year Course Schedule
(changes as of 7/10/2017)



Course Descriptions 

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