The Catholic University of America
The Bar Audit Exams and Admissions to Practice

The Bar Exam & Admission to Practice –

I.                  To be Admitted to Practice, you must
A.    Pass the Bar Examination
B.     Meet the Character & Fitness Requirements
II.                CUA Resources to Assist You
A.    Assistant Director Bryan McDermott, all bar examination questions
B.     Bar Audits – individual meetings to help you develop your bar plans 
C.     Written Resources – such as this guide
D.    Bar Preparation classes for Academic Credit (Virginia Bar Preparation 3 credits; MD Bar Preparation 2 credits)
E.     State updates
III.              General Bar Exam Information
A.    National Conference of Bar Examiners (
B.     Official Website for Each Jurisdiction (review for deadline, fee and rule requirements)
C.     We have captured information from jurisdictions where many students sit as a starting point for your review (Applying for Admission to the Bar)
IV.             “The Bar Exam” Contains Different Types of Tests
A.    MPRE
B.     MBE
C.     Essay (prepared by NCBE or local examiners)
D.    MPT
E.     State Multiple Choice
F.      State Short Answer (VA)
V.               Planning your Academic Program with the Bar Exam in Mind
A.    “Bar Courses” or Subjects Tested on the Bar Exam
B.     Transferring knowledge from all courses: Issue spotting, Doctrinal knowledge, Legal Analysis
VI.            Character and Fitness Evaluation
            We are happy to assist students with information and forms for all jurisdictions. The majority of our students sit in Maryland, Virginia or New York, so we will summarize information regarding these states. If you have additional questions, please check the official web page of the Bar Examiners in your jurisdiction and contact us with any questions. We ask that students who need letters or certifications submit their request using the Bar Certification Form.
VIII.         Bar Preparation Courses & Summer Study
IX.             Financial and Personal Support