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Recent Faculty News
June 2012

On the first official day of summer, Catholic University law school faculty members may be found in many places: engaged in travel, research, writing, participating in professional conferences, and preparing for the semester to come. 

A quick survey of faculty activities during the month of June includes the following:
Professor Roger Colinvaux is a co-author of “Evaluating the Charitable Deduction and Proposed Reforms,” published online by the Urban Institute on June 13.

The report’s abstract reads in part: Many recent proposals for budget and tax reform would change the value of the charitable contribution deduction. This report provides context for policymakers who may be considering one or more of these reforms, as well as for other interested observers.

Professor Mary Leary will speak on a panel about "The Role of Technology in Human Trafficking" at Microsoft's Research Faculty Summit on July 17.  Leary is the recipient of an grant from the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit that will help to fund a new study by the same title. The research project will focus upon the technology that supports child sex trafficking, as well as the wide variety of state and federal judicial opinions over the last ten years in such cases. Leary’s work will explore the acceptance of this digital evidence in courts and whether it differs between state and federal level cases.
Professor Lisa Martin gave the June 18 keynote address on “The United States’ Response to Violence Against Women,” to delegates from Serbia visiting the U.S. through the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program. The delegates’ program is focused on combating and preventing violence against women, and includes visits to numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations in D.C. and Chicago. Serbian delegates include the state secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and the director of the Gender Equality Directorate, who is also Serbia’s nominee to the U.N.
Dean Veryl Miles participated on June 6 in the Council for Court Excellence, and in “Legal Education in the 21st Century,” as a panelist. She also attended the AALS Workshop for Pre-tenured People of Color Law School Teachers, held June 23-24, as a plenary session panelist.
Professor Karla Simon, a regular blogger for Alliance magazine on issues related to civil society in China, posted “Charity Law submitted to State Council” on June 12.
Simon informed her readers that “The Ministry of Civil Affairs has submitted a draft of the Charity Law to China’s State Council (cabinet), a sign that the country may be progressing towards rules covering philanthropic organizations. If passed, the new law would finally address tax deductions for donations, a system for supervising charity work and how donations can be used.”

Professor Ted Sky gave a lecture in Pennsylvania in June about the legacy of the "National Road" (now known as Route 40), the first federally funded interstate highway. An account of his remarks, which were based on his 2011 book, “The National Road and the Difficult Path to Sustainable National Investment” was published in a local newspaper following his address.