The Catholic University of America


Professor Karla Simon Presents at the University of Washington
on Strides by Civil Society in China


Catholic University law Professor Karla Simon delivered a lecture at the University of Washington on July 30 that focused on legal reforms at the national and local levels that have an impact on non-profit organizations and philanthropic organizations in China.  
Accompanied by her co-presenter, doctoral candidate Ketty Loeb, Simon’s presentation covered the new social management policy landscape and new strategies that local governments and social organizations are using to strengthen China's civil society.
Her address, “2011-12 – Remarkable Years for China’s Civil Society,” discussed the importance of four important policy documents that have helped to set the stage for the gradual emergence of robust civil society organizations under the country’s communist government.
Ministries within the Chinese government, including those that oversee charitable efforts, as well as initiatives to combat HIV/AIDS, have adopted five-year plans recently to move toward their respective goals.  
In Simon’s estimation, these official documents and others like them offer the government’s imprimatur and have succeeded in raising the influence and profile of civil society and non-profit organizations in China to a level they have not enjoyed in the past.