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Professor Mark Rienzi Explains Why Legal
Challenges to Affordable Care Act will Continue


Catholic University law school Professor Mark Rienzi is the author of an op-ed column, “ObamaCare Constitution Fight not over yet,” published online by USA Today on July 6.
Rienzi is senior counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and a professor of constitutional law at the Columbus School of Law.
The Becket Fund is currently engaged in separate federal lawsuits on behalf of four religious institutions: Belmont Abbey College, Colorado Christian University, Eternal Word Television Network and Ave Maria University. There are now 23 lawsuits in 14 states and the District of Columbia involving more than 50 plaintiffs. According to the group the challenges include a second wave of lawsuits filed in May by major Catholic universities and other groups.
Rienzi’s editorial column read in part:
“The Supreme Court's decision narrowly upholding the Affordable Care Act as a permissible tax highlights an important aspect of our constitutional system: Even when Congress has the power to pass a law, it remains subject to the Constitution's express protections for individual and organizational rights. That principle explains why the religious liberty challenges to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate —there are 23 cases so far— will continue despite the recent ruling.”  (Read full column)