The Catholic University of America


Law Schools Hosts 2012 CLEO Students


Nearly 100 young men and women spent the weekend of July 28-29 at The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law learning the ins and outs of applying to law school.  
The students—a mix of college juniors and seniors and post-graduates—were participants in the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) prelaw seminars, “Achieving Success in the Application Process” and “Attitude is Essential.”
As a CLEO member school, the Columbus School of Law served as the Mid-Atlantic regional host of the event. The law school has a long-standing relationship with the organization, which it considers a statement of its commitment to diversifying the legal profession by diversifying the law school classroom and providing access to historically underrepresented groups.
The students were greeted by George Garvey, Acting Dean and Professor of Law at Catholic University’s law school.
He outlined the many ways in which lawyers shape and influence American society, including their roles as protectors of the vulnerable.
“The practice of law has always been—and remains today—one of the most interesting, fulfilling, and varied occupations a person can choose to pursue,” said Garvey. “Lawyers help to write and interpret the laws that govern our society. A J.D. degree is the most common degree one finds among members of Congress, and for that matter, the vast majority of senior positions within the government,” he noted.
The CLEO students spent most of their two days learning the nuts and bolts of successfully applying to law school. Speakers covered topics including: selecting a law school, drafting an effective personal statement, preparation strategies for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and common errors committed by law school applicants.
Garvey urged the students to believe that law school is a dream within their grasp.
“Of course, becoming a lawyer begins with admission to a law school. So my primary bit of advice, above all others, is this: Believe in yourself. You can do this,” he said.