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Most of the members of the 2012 Class Gift Committee assembled on May 25, 2012.


Class of 2012 Leaves a Gift in its Wake

More than one-third of the just-graduated Class of 2012 has made or pledged a financial contribution to the Columbus School of Law. The annual student campaign has raised approximately $6,000 to date.

Led by the 14-member class gift committee, 35% of the law school’s most recent alumni elected to participate.
Gift committee co-chairs Laura Crawford and Ellen LaPlante headed the campaign to solicit individual donations during table sessions.
“The theme was The Game of Life and graduating students were eligible to spin for a gift when they made a donation. We encourage donations of any size and most students chose to give right away,” said Heather Foss, the annual fund coordinator for Catholic University’s law school.
The goal of the campaign was participation and students were encouraged to give any amount, large or small, including the most popular donation amount of $20.12. “The size of the gift is not as important as the sentiment behind it," said Foss. "We aim to build a culture of philanthropy among our students and young alumni. Every gift makes a difference at the law school.”
Students were also offered the opportunity to pledge over the course of three years. They were encouraged to designate their pledge or donation to the Annual Fund, the Law Review, Students for Public Interest Law, or any of over a dozen funds promoting scholarships and institutes at the law school. “We asked students to designate their gift to what mattered most to them, be it our legal clinic or our Securities Program,” Foss concluded. 
Foss’ office held a party in March at the restaurant Aria in downtown D.C., and about 50 students showed up to donate.

Students who donated became eligible to win a classy Columbus School of Law diploma frame, and David Baker took home the prize at the annual graduation party held at the Liaison Hotel on Capitol Hill.

Class of 2012 Gift Committee
Ellen LaPlante & Laura Crawford, Co-Chairs
Bill Anglin
Anna Bitencourt
Chanelle Blackie
Lindsey Cloud-Mervis
Philo Hall
Tony Hernandez
Stella Lee
Corey Malmgren
Dave Marzilli
Camara Mintz
Evan Stevens
Lauren Torggler