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CommLaw Conspectus Selects 2010-2011 Associates

CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy
has selected a record 41 Catholic University law students to serve as associates for the 2010-2011 academic year. 

Collectively, the staff will work to maintain the high standards of the semi-annual publication, which typically contains three to four lead articles written by communications law scholars and practitioners and three to four student notes and comments.  
“This was our most successful recruitment effort to date,” explained Delara Derakhshani, editor-in-chief. “We look forward to working with them to continue our journal’s longstanding tradition of high-quality scholarship and leadership in communications policy and analysis.”
CommLaw Conspectus is a student-edited journal that also periodically publishes essays, book reviews, a bibliography of recent communications law books, and summaries of major communications law cases and FCC dockets.
Membership is determined solely by students' participation in a journal writing competition. Their submitted articles are judged by CommLaw's editorial staff, which considers factors such as legal analysis, argumentation, writing style, and citation format. Students chosen for CommLaw membership serve one year as associates and may serve one year as members of the editorial staff.
CommLaw Conspectus has built a reputation as one of the premiere scholarly communications law journals in the country. Its standing in the field permits students the unique opportunity to work with leading communications law experts and regulators. Authors who have published with CommLaw Conspectus in recent years include commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission, members of Congress, leading private sector practioners, and academics.
2010-2011 Associates 
Katharine Alexander
Joseph Aquilina
Marianna Beddard
Ellen Biltz
Ted Booth
Emma Bramble
Brian Caron
Noah Cherry
Andrea Cole
Jessica Elder
Sarah Fay
Ian Forbes
Khaliunaa Garamgaibaatar
Wesley Gee
James Germano
Sara Greene
Kelsey Guyselman
Chris Hall
Maeve Huggins
Laura Kieffer
Mitchell Kim
Megan Koster
Heather Kriscenski
Pooja Lalwani
He Li
David Lieberman
Corey Malmgren
David Marzilli
Michael Mick
Emily Nalven
Justin Nazari
Brittney Pulley
Alexander Reynolds
Nicole Ruzinski
Camellia Safi
Linda Shim
Bari Solomon
Wesley Thompson
Michelle Tucker
Becky Whitaker
Charla Wright