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L-R: Professors Beryl Blaustone, CUNY Law School, Catherine Klein
and Leah Wortham, Catholic University Columbus School of Law.

CUA Law Professors Have Center Stage at International Conference


Catholic University law professors Catherine Klein and Leah Wortham were keynote plenary speakers at the 8th International Clinical Legal Education Conference held at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England on July 7-9,2010. 
More than 150 educators from 21 countries attended the conference. Professors Klein and Wortham presented to colleagues on the factors that motivate people to perform at a high level in the discharge of creative and complex tasks.
Drawing on research from not only legal education but also psychology, economics, and management, they argued that autonomy, progress in attaining mastery, and a sense of purpose beyond themselves are vitally important in coaxing the best from people. Together with co-presenter Beryl Blaustone of CUNY Law School, their session linked these concepts to practical application in the design and teaching of clinical legal education programs. 
Professor Klein is the director of Columbus Community Legal Services, the law school’s highly regarded legal clinic that marks its 40th anniversary this year.
Professor Wortham traveled to California the following week, to address the challenges of teaching legal ethics in flawed legal systems at the Fourth International Legal Ethics Conference held on July 15-17 at Stanford Law School.
Before an international audience from that gathered from places such as Africa, Canada, Eastern Europe and Iceland, among others, Wortham dealt with the perplexing question of how legal educators should prepare students when they realize the legal systems in which their clinical students and graduates will work may be widely recognized as corrupt, or at least fall short of ideal systems of justice in some important regards.