The Catholic University of America

July 28, 2009 - Two dozen CUA law graduates gather for an alumni reunion lunch at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CUA-SEC Alumni: An Ever-Growing Club

Law school alumni gatherings are not often convened at the headquarters of key federal agencies. But the notable number of Columbus School of Law graduates who are currently employed with the Securities and Exchange Commission easily justified the use of an office conference room for a couple of hours on July 28.

Nearly half of the 55 CUA law school graduates who work at the SEC broke bread at a convivial luncheon presided over by Professor David A. Lipton, director of the Securities Law Program. Most of them owe their current positions to the 25 year-old program's connections and reputation for producing excellent securities lawyers.

Alumni class years represented ranged from the early 1980s, to current students who have secured summer internships at the commission.

The high positions held within the SEC by CUA law alumni are testament to the securities law program's durability and strength. They include deputy directors, associate directors, assistant directors, senior counsel and several past and present legal assistants to the SEC's chair and its commissioners.

As a cohort of alumni, the securities law graduates from CUA are an unusually cohesive group. Professor Lipton organizes several events, lectures and luncheons each year, and most are well-attended.

The SEC luncheon was organized by Lara Driscoe, a third-year student at CUA law.