The Catholic University of America

The Catholic University Law Review
Announces its Staff for 2009-2010

The Catholic University Law Review has announced the selection of 52 students to serve as staff members on Volume 59 of the Law Review. "Our new staff members have demonstrated their ability in the classroom and during the writing competition," said Editor-in-Chief David Brewer. "We are extremely proud of them and we look forward to what they can accomplish this year and beyond."

The Law Review, now in its 59th year of production, is the law school's oldest legal journal. Every quarter, the Law Review publishes articles on current legal topics authored by practitioners, professors, and jurists. The Law Review also publishes student work of notable distinction.

The newest members of the Law Review are: Melodie Bales, Ahuva Battams, Eduardo Bertran, Leah Branch, Robert Brant, Jonathan Breyan, Tim Canney, Judith Childers, Wilford Cowart, Christian Curran, Christina Downs, Ashleigh Elliott, Jessica Eisenmenger, Geoff Fehling, Melissa Feldmeier, Bethany Gordon, Joshua Goyden, Casey Higgins, Ashley Hottle, Emi Ito, Kristen Kelley, Byron Kish, Catherine Knight, Christina Kube, Quinn Kuranz, Kara Leibin, Greg Louer, Matt McKenney, James Merrill, Grant Mulkey, Christine Murray, Craig Nadeau, Nicole Picard, Lauren Powell, John Raffetto, Jean Roche, Matthew Saunig, Brian Schoeneman, Ansley Haman Schrimpf, Danielle Schuessler, Jennifer Siegel, Kristen Sinisi, Scott Stiefel, Maureen Stoneman, Jenna Taylor, Connie Travanty, Lauren Twigg,Andrew Warthen, Anne Wittmann, Jessica Woods, Chris Wright, John Zevitas.