The Catholic University of America

Advocates for Life
Law students concerned about protecting the dignity of human life, in all its forms

upcoming seminar
Legal Perspectives on Life Issues

Slowinski Courtroom
Monday, Feb 11 at 4:30 pm
Refreshments Following

Subjects & Speakers
Healthcare and Freedom of Conscience
Casey Mattox, Center for Law & Religious Freedom
Legislating End of Life Issues
Jennifer Popik, National Right to Life
Skills for Pro-life Lawyers
Maggie Datiles (BA, '04; JD, '07), Americans United for Life


Advocates For Life: Advocates for Life is an association of students and faculty who wish to uphold the value of human life in all its stages, from the moment of conception. The group was founded in 1990 for the purpose of facilitating the study of human life issues as they relate to the law.

Abortion is one of today's most urgent human rights concerns, as are the new reproductive technologies, genetic testing, and manipulation and euthanasia. The organization strives to be a forum for intellectual discussions on these topics and the many surrounding legal challenges they generate.

Advocates for Life also serves its student members as a source of information on externship placements to participate in legal research on the cutting edge of the life debate. Membership is open to all.