The Catholic University of America

CUA Law Students Post Outstanding Bar Passage Results
in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania

Nov. 13, 2008 - Catholic University law students have achieved above average results for the most recent Maryland bar exam, taken in July 2008. Maryland is the jurisdiction in which the majority of CUA graduates sit for the bar examination. The results were released during the month of November. One hundred eighteen Columbus School of Law graduates sat for the Maryland bar examination. One hundred and four passed it, an 88 percent success rate that is six points higher than the overall average. For first-time test-takers, 100 of 112 CUA students passed, marking an 89 percent success rate that is slightly higher than average.

In Virginia, the second most popular jurisdiction among CUA graduates taking the bar exam, CUA graduates taking the examination for the first-time test-takers earned a 84 percent success rate, right on par with the state average. Recent graduates taking the July 2008 examination in Pennsylvania enjoyed a 100 percent success rate.

The latest results confirm an encouraging trend upward in bar exam pass rates from the Columbus School of Law. "These most recent bar exam results are a credit to the hard work and preparation of our students," said Veryl V. Miles, dean of the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University.