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Professor Victor Williams Assails Number of High-Level
Federal Vacancies in National Law Journal Op-Ed


Victor Williams, a clinical assistant professor with Catholic University’s Lawyering Skills Program, has published an opinion essay in the Jan. 4, 2010 edition of the National Law Journal.  
“Confirmation Combat”examines the re-emerging partisan political conflict over high-level vacancies in the federal government, and decries in particular the number of nominations currently stalled or blocked in the Senate. It argues that filling such openings with his own selections is a high-stakes battle that President Obama must fight and win.
“The piece is a strong, pro-executive piece, and it praises President Obama for his diverse and exceptionally well qualified queue of nominees,” said Williams. “It details the cost of partisan Senate confirmation obstruction and appointment delay, and it argues that President Obama should assertively fight for confirmation of his executive, agency and judicial nominees.”      
The editorial’s co-author was CUA law alumna Nicola Sanchez, 2004, a former student of Williams.
“Nicki brought a crisp style to the piece and an important knowledge of the vacancy issue as it has played out at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, where she is an attorney in their office of general counsel,” he said.