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Professor Faith Mullen (front row, left) with fellow members of the D.C.
Bar's Rules of Professional Conduct Review Committee. Photo by Ben Zweig.


Professor Faith Mullen Recognized with Award from D.C. Bar


As a member of the D.C. Bar's Rules of Professional Conduct Review Committee, Catholic University law professor Faith Mullen is among the winners of the D.C. Bar’s 2010 Frederick B. Abramson Award, given to all committee members, along with the D.C. Bar Foundation, for their work on revisions to the IOLTA Rules.
“This award is made in recognition of the outstanding work and many hours of service by the Bar Foundation and the Rules Review Committee for their work in proposing revisions to the rules governing the Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts,” read the congratulatory letter.
The District of Columbia's Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Program was founded in 1985 and provides an important source of funding for local legal services.
An IOLTA account is a trust account made up of client funds that are either small in amount or held for a short period of time. Examples include fee advances or settlements for multiple clients whose money would not, on its own, net interest for that client. The D.C. Bar Foundation receives any interest earned on these accounts and distributes the funds to legal aid offices in the District of Columbia.
Professor Mullen and her fellow recipients of the Abramson Award, including CUA Law alumna Peggy Love, 1988, will be honored at a dinner on June 24 at The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington.