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Professor Suzette Malveaux Draws Accolades
for Talk on Role of Discovery in Civil Rights Litigation


Catholic University law professor Suzette Malveaux won collegial raves from her peers at the Texas Wesleyan School of Law on Jan. 27. for her presentation of her work-in-progress paper, “Front Loading and Heavy Lifting: The Evolving Role of Discovery in Contemporary Civil Rights Litigation.”  
Malveaux’s participation in the Ft. Worth law school’s Faculty Speaker Series prompted a press release, as well as a complimentary note to CUA law's Dean Veryl Miles from Michael Green, associate dean for faculty research and development at Texas Wesleyan School of Law.
Green’s message read in part:
“Our civil procedure professors were particularly excited about her topic and literally could not get enough time with her to keep discussing it. Overall, her presentation was extremely well-received. Her ability to easily explain the nuances of pleading under the Federal Rules after several controversial and difficult Supreme Court decisions was a delight for our faculty. And her interesting and unique thesis regarding the use of discovery at the pleading stage provided a stimulating and scholarly discussion for all of us. In summary, Professor Malveaux’s presentation and paper indicate what a quality faculty member you have at the Catholic University Columbus School of Law. We were fortunate to have Professor Malveaux explore her thoughts with us. Thank you.”