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Newly Certified: In-Sung Yoo is flanked by Professors Donna Gregg
and David Irwin of the Institute for Communications Law Studies.


Sixty Students from the Class of 2010 Earn Institute Certificates


Some chose to pursue a deeper understanding of international law. Others concentrated on mastering the intricacies of securities law, public policy, communications law or jurisprudence. All of the 60 students of the Class of 2010 who were presented with certificates that recognized their academic achievements now enter their careers a step ahead, noted Columbus School of Law Dean Veryl V. Miles.

“They are what I like to call practice-ready,” said the dean. “Many of them are already at a place where second-and-third-year associates would be as a result of their specialized studies.”
On May 27, in front of an auditorium overflowing with family members, friends and well-wishers, the students came up one-by-one to receive their Institute certificates and thank the Institute directors for their vision and dedication in founding and growing the sought-after programs.
        Dana Brown (center) with Professor David Lipton and Dean Veryl V. Miles

They were congratulated in turn by the professors who have mentored them so closely over their law careers, and also reminded that with their enhanced expertise comes the responsibility to use it well.
“You have great power in this world as lawyers. Use it. Use it to do good,” urged Professor Sarah Duggin, director of the Law and Public Policy Program.
Professor David Lipton, known among his students for occasional digressions in class into the works of Igor Stravinsky or early jazz composers, explained to parents that the purpose was to reinforce the importance of living a balanced life. “There’s more to life than just the practice of law,” he observed.
It has been a busy year for the Institutes of Catholic University’s law school. Some of the highlights were recapped by the dean, who mentioned:
  • A speech by an alumna and former SEC investigator titled “How to Conduct a Compliance Exam to Unearth Wrongdoing.”
  • The annual spring symposium held by the Institute for Communications Law Studies and CommLaw Conspectus that addressed the need to implement a national broadband plan. 
  • The Comparative and International Law Institute’s annual trade panel discussion, this year examining “World of Regions or Bi-Polar World: Is There Still Enough Space for Global Trade?”
  • Law and Public Policy programs on environmental law and climate change, corporate social responsibility, healthcare reform and international human rights.  
  • The Program in Jurisprudence Studies two-day symposium on “The Nature of Judicial Authority: A Reflection on Philip Hamburger’s Law and Judicial Duty.”
All of these activities and hard work add up to some of the best prepared and most employable law graduates in the nation, said the dean. Speaking for the entire assembly, she concluded, “these students are truly accomplished and we are very proud of them.”
Institute for Communications Law Studies
Director: Professor David Irwin
Rachael Marie Bender
Jeremy Scott Berkowitz
Hilary Lynn Brown
Michael Vincent Celli
Patrick Russell Halley
Jonathan Alban Havens
Matthew Ross Keller
Nantz Rickard
Michael L. Rooney
Zachary A. Rothstein
Krystle Marie Rudzinski
Kevin Thomas Ryan
Rachel M. Sanford
Preston Neil Thomas
Melissa Mei Ung
In-Sung Yoo
Securities Law Program
 Director: Professor David Lipton
James Bresnahan
Christopher Uhlan Brock
Dana Renee Brown
Lara Marin Driscoe
Patrick J. Finnerty
Trevor Lawrence Harley
James Thomas Koebel
Richard Matthew Lender
Adam P. Pugh
William Patrick Troost

Comparative and International Law Institute
 Director: Professor Rett Ludwikowski
Stephanie Ann Adams
Sarah Beth Allemohamad Jazayeri
Andrea Abigail Barranda Bautista
Andre Bleech
Barbara Penelope Burner
Kristina M. Davey
Tomas Luis Polo de Guzman
Lindsay Ellen Dressler
Renée-Lauren V. Ellis
Taryn Michele Fry
Trevor Lawrence Harley
Wright H. Lewis
William Adam Malizio
Andrew Kenly McAllister
Cadence M. Moore
Nadjejda Rose Carmelle Nelson
Dardana B. Rruka
Clifford Vernon Smith
Leigh Nicole Sprowls
Lindsay Anne Videnieks   
Michael Tanakorn Vikitsreth
Leah A. Walker*
Caroline Kirby Walsh
Melissa M. Wright

Law and Public Policy Program
 Director: Professor Sarah Duggin

Mindy M. Angle
Stephen Aleksandr Braunlich
Angela Sue Colaiuta
Margaret Jane McGinty
Nicholas Rozich Milliard
Jon Izak Monger
Nancy Lynn Schoenfeld
Rebecca Ann Sickenberger 
Kelly Marie Van Buskirk
Program of Studies in Jurisprudence
Stephen Aleksandr Braunlich
Michael Jason O’Brien