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Faculty Members Present to Peers This Week at Annual AALS Conference


Six Catholic University law professors will offer presentations and discussions before fellow legal educators at the annual conference of the Association of American Law Schools, held in New Orleans from Jan. 6 to 10, 2010.
“Transformative Law” is the theme of this year’s gathering, the first to be held in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina forced the relocation of its 2006 scheduled meeting. Thousands of professors and administrators from law schools across the nation typically attend the conference. Rachel Moran, the current AALS president, has urged legal educators to embrace a return to an earlier concept of the role of legal professionals in U.S. society.  
“Is the citizen-lawyer now largely relegated to some lost golden age of reform? I believe that law still has a vital role to play at moments of national crisis like this one, but we must once again recognize that lawyers can be powerful agents of change and not merely advocates for agendas set by someone else,” Moran wrote. “We, as members of a learned society, can play a critical role in resurrecting the citizen-lawyer and the possibilities for transformative law. In fact, the current crisis of confidence in our country provides an unparalleled opportunity for lawyers to answer the call of service and restore a sense of integrity and trust.”
These ideas have long found a home at the Columbus School of Law, which as an institution shares the ideals put forth by Moran.
CUA law faculty members presenting at the AALS conference this week include:

Professor Sarah Duggin
Law and Society Section 
“The Relationship of Faith and Corporate Law: The Example of Corporate Law.”
Professor Suzette Malveaux
Section on Civil Procedure (co-sponsored by the Section on Litigation)
“Revisiting Discovery”
Professor Margaret Barry
AALS Executive Committee Forum with the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar

Professors Margaret Barry, Catherine Klein, Lisa Martin
Poster Presentation
“A Story of Collaboration and Atomizing Facts”
Professor Caprice Roberts
Section on Remedies
“Remedies in Times of Economic Crisis and Financial Scandal”