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Faculty in the News
May-June, 2012


Professor Robert Destro

(April 11) Guest Panelist, the Diane Rehm Show, National Public Radio. Destro discussed a recent Tennessee law that is viewed by some as opening the way for high school science students to learn both sides of evolution and climate science.
(March 29) Quoted, Our Sunday Visitor, the national Catholic weekly newspaper, for its story about arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court over the constitutionality of the Patient Affordable Care Act.

Professor Mary Leary

(May 24) Quoted by National Public Radio online for its article, “The Face That Changed The Search For Missing Kids.” The story described the changes to the way law enforcement handles missing child cases since the abduction of Etan Patz in 1979.


Professor David Lipton
(May 30) Interviewed by Nightly Business Report, the nationally-syndicated PBS business news program, about Facebook's stock IPO and the potential for investors to sue.

Dean Veryl Miles

(May 20) Quoted, “Area law schools developing in-house counsel classes to prep students for changing job market,” The Washington Post, May 20, Capital Business.

Professor Mark Rienzi

(June 4)  Author, "The Church Pushes Back," an op-ed in the National Review Online about the dozen lawsuits filed by 43 Catholic organizations against the Obama Administration.

(May 10) Author, New York Times Op-ed, “Good for Religion, Good for America,” on the value of religious exemptions for preserving religious freedom.
(March 23) Quoted, by the Associated Press for its story “Federal appeals court hears Maryland abortion center free speech case.” The case examined whether it's unconstitutional for two Maryland communities to require anti-abortion pregnancy counseling centers to post signs stating that they do not provide medical services.

Professor Ted Sky

(May 18) Interviewed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review for a story about the cultural significance of the National Road. Sky is the author of “The National Road and the Difficult Path to Sustainable National Investment” (University of Delaware Press, 2011).

Law School in the News
(May 17) Metropolitan Corporate Counsel magazine published an account of the Milestone Award, conferred by Catholic University’s Institute for Communications Law Studies upon the Hon. Richard Wiley, former FCC Chairman and founding partner of Wiley Rein, LLP.