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The National Security Law Reporters (NSLR) is produced and managed by students at the Catholic University of America (CUA) Columbus School of Law, a leading institution in the growing field of national security law. The NSF staff works produce both their own articles and to support the American Bar Association in producing the National Security Law Report (NSLR).




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Information Resources

American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law and National Security

Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia School of Law

Duke Center on Law, Ethics and National Security

National Security Links:


American Society of International Law:; Contact:

9/11 Commission:

World Press Review/ Library of International Affairs:

Looksmart Think Tank Directory:

U.S. Government

House Committee on National Security - reports, bills, committee publications, press releases, and hearing schedules of the U.S. House of Representatives' National Security Committee.
Senate Committe on Armed Services - reports, bills, and hearing transcripts of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Foreign Military Studies Office - the U.S. Army's Office of Foreign Military Studies.
Center for Contemporary Conflict - brings together national security and regional studies experts from academia, government, and the military to assess current and emerging security challenges such as international terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and regional conflict. Features full-text original analysis of contemporary international security issues, highlighted by the "Strategic Insights" series, as well as conference reports, Master's theses by officers and officials completing advanced degrees at the Naval Postgraduate School, and extensive links to related sites.
Cental Intelligence Agency - official CIA site.
National Security Agency - U.S. specialists in communications and signals intelligence.
Defense Intelligence Agency - Department of Defense intelligence analysis.
National Geospatial Imagery Agency - formerly the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
Center for Studies of Intelligence - run by the CIA, the Center supports the analysis of the intelligence process; this site releases unclassified studies of intelligence issues.
National Defense University - the military's leading institution of postgraduate education.
DefenseLINK - U.S. Department of Defense site for the release of public information.
U.S. International Affairs - the State Department's posting of U.S. positions on international matters.
FORSCOM - U.S. Army Forces Command.
Indiana National Guard - the 38th Infantry Division.
U.S. Navy Sites - links from the Naval Postgraduate School.
The Department of Homeland Security - the home page for Homeland Security; related sites are, recommending personal preparations, and the White House's Homeland Security information site.

Department of Justice:

Department of Homeland Security:

General Services Administration:

The White House/National Security site:

National Security Council:

Homeland Security Council:

Department of State/Office of the Legal Advisor:

Department of State/National Security Strategy/International Security:

Senate Committee on Foreign Relations:

House Committee on International Relations:

House Committee on Armed Services:

Senate Committee on Armed Services:

U.S. Military

Department of Defense/General Counsel:
Department of Defense:
Army JAG:
Navy JAG:
Air Force JAG:
Coast Guard Legal:
Center for Contemporary Conflict:

Intelligence Community

United States Intelligence Community:

National Security Agency:

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

Central Intelligence Agency:

Central Intelligence Agency/Office of General Counsel:

Defense Intelligence Agency:

Association of Former Intelligence Officers:

Department of State/Bureau of Intelligence and Research:

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency:

International Organizations

United Nations Security Council:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO):

American Bar Association (ABA) Associations

ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security

ABA National Security Resources:

ABA Government and Private Sector Lawyer Division:

Law Firms (National Security Practice)

Arnold and Porter LLP:
Mayer, Brown, Row, and Maw LLP:
Kutak, Rock LLP:

Mark F. Riley, LLC:

Patton, Boggs LLP:

Kelley, Drye LLP:

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dore LLP:

Crowell and Moring:
Fulbright and Jarworski LLP:
Baker Botts LLP:
Steptoe & Johnson LLP:

Think Tanks

CATO Institute Defense Studies - Defense papers by the CATO Institute.
CIAO - Columbia [University] International Affairs Online.
Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies - sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, an informative site on biological weapons.
National Security Website - an information clearinghouse on national security established by the Foreign Policy and Defense Studies Department of the Heritage Foundation.
RAND, Inc. - considered one of the leading think tanks on strategic policy, concentrating on mathematical analyses of social phenomena.
The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) - think tank headed by former DOD and Congressional leaders.
Center for International Trade and Security - sponsored by the University of Georgia and strongly focused on the problems of arms proliferation from Russia; Russian fellows of the program provide Russian perspectives of the situation.
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies - assists central European nations in developing national security institutions that remain compatible with democratic government.
The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies - part of the University of Calgary's Strategic Studies Program.
Center for Global Security Research - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's research center focused on the effects of the dissemination and use of weapons of mass destruction; the site is in an early stage of construction.

American Enterprise Institute:; Contact:

Brookings Institute/Foreign Policy Studies:; Contact:

International Law Institute:; Contact:

CATO Institute/Defense Studies:; Contact:

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies:; Contact:

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:; Contact:
Center for National Security Law:; Contact:
RAND/National Security Research Area:; Contact:
The Center for Strategic & International Studies:; Contact:
The Stimson Center:; Contact:
Center for Defense Information:; Contact:
Center for the Study of Intelligence:
The Heritage Foundation/Defense Studies:; Contact:
Center for International Trade and National Security/University of Georgia:; Contact:

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies:

Council on Foreign Relations:; Contact:

Global; Contact:

The Lexington Institute:

Center for Military and Strategic Studies/ University of Calgary:

Center for Global Security Research:; Contact:

International Crisis Group:

National Defense University:; Contact:

National Law Enforcement and Security Institute:

National Institute of Military Justice:; Contact:

The United States Helsinki Commission:; Contact:

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS):;

International Institute for Strategic Studies:; Contact:

Homeland Security Institute:

British American Security Information Council:

Carter Center:

Other Organizations

Business Executives for National Security - numerous reports and publications from a defense-oriented lobby.
International Relations and Security Network - extensive variety of defined and evaluated links, organized by topic, subject, region, and current issues.
National Security Industrial Association - lobbying group for defense contractors.
Naval Intelligence Professionals - oriented toward issues of maritime intelligence.

News, Magazines, and Links

Jane's Information Group - home page of the largest commercial publisher of military information.
Loyola Home Page on Strategic Intelligence - extensive links to intelligence related subjects.
The Chemical Weapons Convention Homepage - the U.S. Government's site on the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Arms Sales Monitor - published by the Federation of American Scientists.


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National Security encompasses both national defense and foreign relations of the United States and describes the condition provided by a military or defense advantage over any foreign nation or group of nations; a favorable foreign relations position; or a defense posture capable of successfully resisting hostile or destructive action from within or without, overt or covert (Joint Publication 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms [June 5, 2003]).

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