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CUA Law Out in Force at Upcoming AALS Meeting


Catholic University law school faculty and staff members will be well represented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools, to be held Jan. 5-8, 2011, in San Francisco.
Among the business at hand:
  • Dean Veryl V. Miles is participating in a workshop for deans and law librarians: “Reconciling Core Values and the Bottom Line.” Miles served on the planning committee for the workshop, which also features Steve Young, reference librarian, Kathryn J. DuFour Library, as a speaker. Young’s remarks will address how law library physical spaces are evolving in the digital era in a plenary session entitled: “Dean, I Shrunk the Library.” Steve Margeton, Director of the Law Library, will join Dean Miles in facilitating a group discussion on library operations and fiscal management.
  • A legal symposium conceived and suggested by Catholic University law professor Suzette Malveaux has been selected by the AALS for presentation at the conference. Malveaux’s topic, “Weighing in on Wal-Mart: The Implications of Dukes v. Wal-Mart for the Future of Employment Discrimination and Class Action Law” is scheduled for two hours on Jan. 7, 2011. Four law professors including Malveaux will examine the issues at stake in Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the largest private-employer civil rights case in American history and one of the most watched cases of this past decade.


  • Concluding his service as chair of the section on pro bono and public service opportunities, Professor Sandy Ogilvy will preside over a discussion, “Best Practices Beyond Externships and Clinics for Integrating Access to Justice Education.”
  • Visiting Professor Caprice Roberts will present on Jan. 8 at a panel on remedies. Discussants will mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of “The Death of the Irreparable Injury Rule,” a landmark book that argued that courts had eroded the rigid requirement that a plaintiff demonstrate irreparable injury as a prerequisite to obtaining injunctive relief. The program will explore whether the work successfully dismantled the irreparable injury rule or whether a couple of recent Supreme Court opinions and their lower court progeny have breathed new life into the old doctrine. 
Apart from the AALS conference events, Dean Miles has a number of meetings scheduled with law school alumni in the Bay Area. If you are interested in meeting with her on this trip, please contact Jodie Sperico,