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Professor Marshall Breger Honored with Peacemaker Award
from the Olender Foundation


Catholic University law school professor Marshall Breger was one of only two recipients of the 2011 Peacemakers Award, presented during the 25th Annual Olender Foundation Awards on December 1, 2010.
Headed by Jack Olender, one of the nation’s most prominent malpractice attorneys, and his wife Lovell, the Olender Foundation aims to counter poverty and violence and to promote opportunity and equal justice. The foundation supports a wide array of local and national organizations that serve the public. Each year the foundation honors public figures and ordinary citizens who make extraordinary contributions to society.
Breger was honored for his long record of promoting greater interfaith understanding and unity. During the summer of 2010, for example, he led a group of American Islamic leaders on a tour of the death camps at Auschwitz and Dachau, in an effort to stem growing Holocaust denial among some segments of the Islamic community.
Breger (at Olender Awards below, left) has also worked closely on issues related to the Vatican-Israel Fundamental Agreement, and has helped to facilitate the work of the Council of Religious Leaders of the Holy Land, a group consisting of the heads of churches in Israel, the chief rabbis and imams appointed by the Palestinian Authority.

He was recently named one of the “Forward 50,” a list of leading American Jews by the Jewish Daily Forward for his interfaith work. Breger is vice-president of the Jewish Policy Center and a contributing columnist to Moment Magazine. He has lectured widely on Middle East peace, Vatican-Israel relations and alternative dispute resolution.
Breger’s Peacemaker Award was conferred at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center by Hannah Rosenthal, the United States State Department’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.  Rosenthal accompanied Breger and others on the summer trip to the Nazi concentration camps. Television personality Paul Berry served as master of ceremonies.
Breger is in auspicious company as a recipient of the award. Past Peacemakers honored by the Olender Foundation include Presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Ralph Nader, Muhammad Ali and Dr. Elie Weisel.