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The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy
Selects Staff for Volume XXVII


The Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy is proud to announce its staff for the 2010-2011 academic year. Thirty-two members were selected following their submissions in the Quad-Journal Writing Competition as well as upon academic performance, according to the journal’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa Derco.

Jared Anderson                                                
Tara Beech                                             
Anna Bitencourt – Emilio                 
Katie Boshinski                                               
Richard Caldwell                                           
Kevin Cochran                                                
Eric DeBear                                       
Philip Decastro                                   
David Fulleborn                                 
Virginia Fuller                        
Aaron Glaser                        
Philo Hall
Evan Hamme 
Tony Hernadez
 Sean Joyner
Stella Lee
Mike Moser
Emily Newman
Bethan Noonan
Christine Perez
Jennifer Pollack
Sarah Qureshi
John Ryan
Cara Swan
Jessica Sweeney
Michelle Tarlecki
Sarah Theodore
Mary Thuell
Renee Trotter
Dustin Ware
Daniel Zang
Julianne Zuber                
The journal is dedicated to in-depth legal analysis of the recent trends in modern health care, issues involving the relationship of the life sciences to the social sciences and humanities, bioethics, and ethical, economic, philosophical and social aspects of medical practice and the delivery of health care systems. The journal prides itself in its ability to also publish health policy issues such as public policy, policy formation and development, and government regulation. Other material the Journal often publishes relates to health and the environment. The Journal is published semi-annually and has hundreds of subscribers worldwide.