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Amanda Cohen Leiter
Associate Professor

(202) 319-6755


A graduate of Harvard Law School, Professor Leiter spent two years as a clean air litigator at the Natural Resources Defense Council, where she developed and pursued judicial challenges to EPA rules regulating industrial air pollution. That work followed three post-law school clerkships: the first with the Hon. Nancy Gertner of the Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts; a second with the Hon. David Tatel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals; and a third with United States Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Leiter has also visited at Georgetown University Law Center, where she taught administrative law and government processes.
At Catholic University Law School, Professor Leiter teaches administrative law, environmental law, and torts. Her teaching and research interests include administrative law and process, and environmental law and policy. Selected publications include: "Substance or Illusion? The Dangers of Imposing a Standing Threshold," Georgetown Law Journal, Volume 97, Page 391, 2009; and "The Perils Of A Half-Built Bridge: Risk Perception, Shifting Majorities, and The Nuclear Power Debate," Ecology Law Quarterly, Volume 35, Page 31, 2008.   
In 2009, the Supreme Court appointed Leiter to brief and argue Kucana v. Holder, 08-911, as amicus curiae in support of the judgment below. The case raised immigration and administrative law issues.

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