The Catholic University of America

Catalog Announcements 2013-14




Law students have full access to the rich resources of CUA's law library, as well as the cultural, social, and athletic facilities offered by the university.

These include the John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library; Hartke Theatre; the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center; the Eugene I. Kane Student Health and Fitness Center; and the Raymond A. DuFour Athletic Center with pool, nautilus equipment, sauna, tennis courts, and track.

A bookstore, bank, and post office are located on campus. Student tickets for all intercollegiate sports events are available at the Department of Athletics ticket office. The Department of Drama presents performances throughout the academic year. Graduate and undergraduate student organizations present lecture series. The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music schedules concerts, and the Department of Art maintains a campus gallery.


The role of campus ministry is to support the members of The Catholic University of America in their spiritual growth as persons and as a community able to celebrate and live the message of the Gospel.

The staff exercises its ministry through gathering the community for prayer and liturgy; through social justice projects, community service, educational, and social events; and through sacramental preparation, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and retreats. As we strive to grow into a more faithful campus community, it becomes obvious that campus ministry is not the work of a few, but of many. The student ministry staff lives in-community at the House, giving witness to the Gospel by sharing their time and energies with the larger community. They do this through liturgy, programs, and personal presence.

Composed of both clergy and laity, the professional campus ministry seeks to be an open and affirming presence for students, faculty, administrators, and staff.

The Mary, Mirror of Justice Chapel is the law school's consecrated Catholic chapel. Mass is offered in the chapel weekdays during the school year.


An automobile is a considerable convenience in Washington, D.C., and students are not restricted in their possession or use of motor vehicles. However, the university assesses registration fees for stu- dent vehicles and requires the registration of vehicles used by stu- dents, whether or not the student is a campus resident. A booklet explaining the university’s rules and regulations regarding vehicles is available to every registrant.

The university's only covered parking garage is located adjacent to the law school building. Additional parking is available on the main campus. Parking stickers may be purchased by the year or by the semester. Students are urged to review the Student Handbook section on security and safety.


The law school's social calendar typically includes the following official functions (in addition to those held by various student organizations):

August— Orientation
September — Law school Picnic, Reunion Weekend
October — Student Bar Association crabfest; University Homecoming Weekend
February — SPIL Auction
March/April — Barrister's Ball, Columbus Awards Night
May — Faculty Reception for Graduates, and Reception for Parents


Students residing on campus are under the care of the university medical director, who is available in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Minor illnesses not requiring hospitalization will be treated in the infirmary, but illnesses of long duration or cases requiring surgical treatment are referred to area hospitals and must be financed by the individual student. The university also sponsors a voluntary health insurance plan.


Items found and turned in to the law school will be retained by the law school as follows:

  1. “Low-value items” (umbrellas, books and papers, and clothing) will be kept either in the law library or the office of the Associate Dean for Administration until the end of the semester in which they are turned in, or for a minimum of two months. Please check at the library circulation desk or in the office of the Associate Dean for Administration (room 451) for these items.
  2. “High-value items” (watches, wallets, eyeglasses) will be kept in the dean’s office until the end of the second semester. Please check with the dean’s office receptionist for these items.
  3. Items not turned in to the law school may be at the security officer’s desk in the lobby of the building or at the security office (first floor, Leahy Hall), which maintains the university lost and found.


The law school closes only when the entire university closes. Weather related decisions are made by the provost. Information on emergency closings or delayed openings is available from the Dean's Office during regular business hours and is also announced on local TV and radio stations. After regular business hours, information on cancellations, early closings, and late openings is available from the university switchboard (202-319- 5000) or the university Web site home page ( The DuFour law library closes when the school of law closes.