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Catalog Announcements 2013-14

Grades in all first-year courses will be on a letter-grade scale, as follows:
A, A-            
B+, B, B-      
C+, C           
C-, D            
F*                  Administrative Failure
Some clinical courses, and some simulation courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.
At the end of each term, students may access their final grades on the Cardinal Station website, Complete academic records are located in the academic dean’s office. Students are advised to check their records periodically. A student must maintain a cumulative average of 2.25 to remain in good standing and to graduate. Students are subject to probation or exclusion for academic deficiency, according to rules promulgated by the faculty. Complete regulations on grading, good standing, reinstatement to good standing, and readmission are included in the Academic Rules. Further detailed information regarding the grading system is posted periodically on the law school website. Regulations concerning student conduct are enumerated in the Rules of Professional Conduct for Law Students.


Faculty members are strongly encouraged to engage in reasonable post-examination review with students. Absent good cause, students have the right to reasonable review of their examination papers. This does not mean that faculty members are obligated to review examinations individually with all students in every course. A faculty member’s policy of post-examination review may take into account the faculty member’s workload, the number of examinations in the course, the academic needs of the particular students requesting review, and the nature of review in courses throughout the law school. Faculty members may choose to carry out such a policy using alternative means, including engaging in individual review of examinations upon the student’s request, by holding a general review concerning the examination open to all students who took that examination, by providing an outline or exemplar of good examination answers, or by providing an explanation of general criteria of evaluation.

By faculty resolution, students who receive a grade of “C+” or below in a course are required to review their examination with their professor prior to being allowed to register for subsequent semesters.