The Catholic University of America

Catalog Announcements 2013-14


The fees listed below are those in effect for the 2013–2014 academic year (unless otherwise noted) at the time of publication. All fees are subject to change. No student is considered registered until the registration form is completed and an approved financial settlement has been validated by the Office of the Treasurer. A student who fails to comply with financial obligations as specified is subject to suspension from classes. A transcript of record will not be released for a student whose account is not paid in full nor will a diploma be issued.

Students who have not made financial arrangements and/or completed registration by the end of the fourth week from the first day of the opening of classes may be dropped from class lists.
Students who do not honor the financial arrangements agreed upon will not be permitted to register the following semester unless payment or a new arrangement is negotiated. For costs incurred due to invalid checks and collection, see Financial Regulations published by the treasurer’s office.



Degree-Seeking Students (J.D., LL.M.,Transfers)

  Fall/Spring (2013–14)  $ 65
  Fall/Spring (2014–15) $ 70
Nondegree Seeking Students (e.g., Visiting In)    
  Fall/Spring (2013–14) $ 30
  Summer Only (2014)   $ 25
All Students seeking to Visit Away — Domestic    
  Fall/Spring (2013–14)   $ 30
  Summer Only (2014)    $ 25
All Students Study Abroad (Fall/Spring/Summer)    $100
First Enrollment Deposit for Fall 2013 (nonrefundable)      $150
Second Enrollment Deposit (nonrefundable)     $450
Deferred Admissions (nonrefundable)        $500
Full time 2013–14, per semester   $22,000
Part time 2013–14, per credit hour   $1,600
Summer Session 2014, per credit hour (estimate)    $1,600
Summer Session 2013 in Poland, per credit hour   $750
Summer Session 2013 in Rome, per credit hour   $825
Courses for Practitioners, per credit hour
New Student Record Fee (one-time)    
  Degree-Seeking Students     $425
  Visiting Students Summer Only $ 45
  Technology Fee (2012–13) — per semester     
  Full-time Students $150
  Part-time Students $ 95
Law Student Fee (charged first semester each year)    
  Full-time Students  $ 85
  Part-time Students    $ 80
Student Bar Association — per semester   $ 40
Audit Fees (Law School Alumni Only)     $200
Study Abroad Administrative Fee --- CUA Affiliated        varies
Study Abroad Administrative Fee — Non-CUA       
  Two-Semester Programs            $800
  One-Semester Programs  $500
  Summer Programs $300
Transient Fee — Visiting Students (refundable)        $250
Health Insurance (2013–14 amount) *     $2,244
* Unless waived in writing, required of all full-time domestic and international students, all student residents, and all part-time international students. Written evidence of alternate coverage must be provided to obtain the waiver. Part-time domestic students may purchase the University’s health plan.
ID Card Replacement Fee      $30
Re-Admission Fee        $100
Late Registration Fee (after first day of classes)     $75
Late Enrollment Fee (after final drop/add period)   $500
Late/Incomplete Immunization Record Fee    $100
Late Payment Fees Based on Balance Due (assessed three times per term in both the fall and spring semesters)
$199.99 and under     No Fee
$200.00 to $499.99      $20
$500.00 to $1,999.99       $50
$2,000.00 to $4,999.99       $150
$5,000.00 to $9,999.99      $250
$10,000 to $14,999.99    $300
$15,000 and greater   $350
Returned Check Fee      $65
Parking (2013-14)    
Commuting Students, per year, surface          $446
Commuting Students, per year, garage   $541
Resident Students, per year, surface    $509
Resident Students, per year garage   $593
Evening-Only Students, per year, surface    $257
Evening-Only Students, per year, garage   $289
In University dining halls, per semester
Anytime Silver   $2,625
Anytime Gold   $2,725
Anytime Platinum     $2,825
100 Block Plan       $1,510
175 Block Plan   $2,395
75 Block Plan   $1,040
50 Block Plan   $765
25 Block Plan   $485

For a complete listing of student immunization fees, please visit