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Remarkable Events Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders

at The Catholic University of America
School of Law

"A dynamic and energetic
law program"

--Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
October 2001

Examining Religion and Ethics

University of Chicago ethicist Leon Kass - recently appointed by President Bush to examine stem cell issues - also engaged the Law School with a provocative lecture entitled "Follies of Freedom and Reason," which examined contemporary meanings of freedom from a Biblical perspective.

Piercing the rhetoric of campaign finance reform, The Catholic University Law Review, with the Hudson Institute, presented the Symposium, "Looking Ahead at Campaign Finance Reform: What's Next For the McCain-Feingold Bill? What's Next For the Future of Politics in America?"

Two panels considered the legal and political implications of the controversial McCain-Feingold Bill. Among the panelists were:

Jan Baran - Partner, Wiley Rein & Fielding; former General Counsel, Republican National Committee; former Executive Assistant, Federal Election Commission
Benjamin Ginsberg - Partner, Patton Boggs, LLP; former Chief Counsel, Republican National Committee; former Legal Counsel, National Republican Senatorial Committee

James Portnoy - Special Counsel, Covington & Burling; former General Counsel to the Minority, Committee on Housing Oversight.

These are just a few of the highlights. Any one of these activities at another high-ranking law school would be considered a major event, so we know how fortunate we are to study in law's place of origin. We strive to have no student leave CUA before we have helped him or her gain genuine insight toward their special calling. For this reason, our students are strongly encouraged to immerse themselves in the multi-faceted nature of the law school experience by attending these special law school lectures and conferences.

Strategically located in the heart of the Nation's Capital, The Catholic University of America School of Law takes good advantage of the world figures who bring life to this city's legal and intellectual resources.

Promoting Collaboration of Ideas

Prominent thinkers
collaborate with CUA
faculty in forums to debate broadly the important
issues of the day. Within a
day of the terrorist attack
upon the United States,
internationalists joined with
philosophers and experts on military and national
security law at CUA to
contemplate an
appropriate response.

The CUA Law

Community Surveys the

Legal and Moral

Responses to

Terrorism, September 12,


Exploring Economic and Financial Strategies

The narrative of this challenging time continued with Securities Exchange Commissioner Laura Unger outlining the extraordinary actions taken by the SEC after September 11 to stabilize economic markets.