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CUA Law professor Mark Rienzi was quoted in a November 23 Catholic News Service article entitled "HHS contraceptive mandate in limbo awaiting action by new administration" See below. 

HHS contraceptive mandate in limbo awaiting action by new administration

Catholic News Service
By: Carol Zimmermann
Date: November 23, 2016 

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"Everyone is still protected by the Supreme Court's order," but they know with a new administration it could change in minutes," said Mark Rienzi, lead attorney for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represented the Little Sisters of the Poor in the case before the court earlier this year.

And even though nothing has been announced yet, Rienzi seems confident Donald Trump's campaign promises to repeal some or all of the Affordable Care Act would very likely put the contraceptive issue off the table.

"We feel optimistic," he told Catholic News Service Nov. 22, stressing that a major part of Trump's victory stemmed from religious voters convinced he would best represent them with pro-life policies and Supreme Court nominee picks.

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"The previous administration went aggressively too far in bullying religious groups," he added, saying people supported Trump over Hillary Clinton specifically for his "promises to do things for religious liberty."

Rienzi also said he hoped that Trump, whom he described as "a practical man and a businessman" would recognize there is no need for the government "to be fighting the Little Sisters of the Poor" and should be able to work out a reasonable solution.

"I'm optimistic he will do what he was sent to do," Rienzi added.

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