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 Catholic University law school Assistant Clinical Professor Faith Mullen


Law School Hosts Training to Protect Seniors at Risk


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Outreach workers, case managers, social workers and other professionals who work with aging and vulnerable adult populations gathered at the Columbus School of Law on June 27 for a one-day training seminar designed to improve their ability to spot and respond to signs of abuse. 

The law school has hosted the event for several years in collaboration with the DC Office on Aging Adult Abuse Prevention Committee, in addition to nearly a dozen additional organizations.

America’s elderly population, especially seniors living on their own, are more vulnerable than younger people to neglect, financial exploitation, psychological and emotional abuse, abandonment, or physical abuse.
Through lectures, videos, and first-person accounts, attendees were reminded that one must first learn to correctly read the signs or red flags that may point to a problem.  
The three expert trainers leading the sessions included Catholic University law school Assistant Clinical Professor Faith Mullen, who supervises students in CUA Law’s General Practice Clinic. Mullen has published a number of articles on public benefits, estate recovery, and paying for nursing home care.
The day’s topics included discussion of property taxes, smart money management for older people, and new legislation that affects the nation’s growing senior population.
Mullen’s remarks to the group were titled “A Look at Probate for Social Workers.”