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Professor Roger Colinvaux Discusses Spurs to Tax Reform with Peers in New York


Catholic University law school Professor Roger Colinvaux suggested that the power of the press remains of the most effective prods toward needed progress in tax reform for exempt organizations.
He argued his proposition before fellow legal educators at the annual conference of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), held in New York City from Jan. 2-5, 2014.
Invited to present before a panel titled “Tax Reform and the Legislative Process,” Colinvaux discussed the role of scandal in the legislative process for producing a vision for tax reform that applies to exempt organizations.
He pointed to fall 2013 headlines regarding the IRS scandal involving scrutiny of conservative leaning tax-exempt groups, noting that such media coverage “might in the long run lead to a rethinking of how some exempt organizations are taxed in light of serious difficulties in present law tax administration.”
Colinvaux’s fellow panelists—professors on four other law school faculties—broadly debated and discussed how tax reform can move forward today given the changes to how Congress operates since the passage of the 1986 Tax Reform Act.