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Professor Mary Leary Speaks at
International Society for Reform of Criminal Law Conference

Catholic University law school Professor Mary Leary was among the presenters at the 25th annual conference of the International Society for Reform of Criminal Law, held in Washington, D.C., from Oct. 22 to 26, 2012.

The theme of the conference was “Crime and Criminal Justice – Exploring the International, Transnational and Local Perspectives.”
Leary presented at a panel on Oct. 24 titled “Human Trafficking – Migrant Smuggling: Threats to States of Illegal Entry, Sexual Exploitation, Forced Labor, and Organ Harvesting.”
Professor Leary is among the nation’s leading experts on human trafficking and child sexual abuse, and is a frequent presenter at professional conferences on various aspects of the subject.
The Canadian-based International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law is an international association of judges, legislators, lawyers, academics, and governmental officials who have come together to work actively on the administration of criminal justice both in their own jurisdiction and internationally.
In addition to encouraging members to develop their individual interests and, in turn, providing a network to enable others to support their interests, the Society encourages joint research and policy development among individuals and government bodies from different jurisdictions.