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Faculty in the News:

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Professor Roger Colinvaux
Quoted: Dec. 10, Religion News Service “Charities fight changes on tax deductions.”
Colinvaux commented upon the need for charitable organizations to join with upper income taxpayers to preserve charitable deductions, since most charitable giving comes from earners in that bracket.

Cited: Dec. 2, Washington Post online, “Paying for charitable giving.”
The editorial examined the threat to the continuation of tax-deductible donations and the response of the nonprofit world. It cited and linked to a paper that Colinvaux co-authored, “Evaluating the Charitable Deduction and Proposed Reforms.”
Colinvaux discussed the activities of a public relations executive whose campaigns specialize in confronting union demands, and whose firm enjoys non-profit status.


Professor Megan La Belle
La Belle discussed the implications of the departure of Kappos for the America Invents Act, the greatest overhaul to American patent law in 50 years.
Professor Victor Williams
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard a case that brings a constitutional challenge to President Obama’s power to make recess appointments even when some members of the Senate argue it is not technically in recess. Williams filed an amicus brief in the case supporting the administration, and told the Times the judges don't have jurisdiction to hear the case because it is a political question.