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J. Caleb Boggs III, 1987 (left) and William Clarkson, 2007 (right).

Republican National Law Students Association
Sponsors Discussion of Law and Public Policy


Law students who desire to work in the public policy arena got a glimpse at what is possible on Nov. 1, when the Columbus School of Law’s Republican National Law Students Association hosted “Crossroads: Law and Politics - A Discussion with J.C. Boggs III, 1987.”
Boggs, who was recently named the 2012 Republican Lawyer of the Year by the Board of Governors of the Republican National Lawyers Association, was joined by fellow CUA law school alumnus William Clarkson, 2007. Both men practice with King & Spaulding’s Government Advocacy and Public Policy group, where Boggs is a partner.   
The two speakers, one out of law school for a quarter-century and the other much more recently, traced their career arcs before a full room of students.
Boggs recalled his days as a law student in Leahy Hall, and his early career as both an international attorney and later as an advisor to the late Sen. William Roth of Delaware. In 2000, he was pulled into the maelstrom of Bush-Gore when the GOP sent him to Florida to monitor the bitterly contested presidential election results in the state. Boggs has since worked since on ballot issues in other elections.
“I enjoy what I do. It’s the intersection of law and public policy,” he said.
Boggs, whose grandfather and namesake is former Delaware Governor and United States Senator J. Caleb Boggs, recommended Hill experience for any law student who is interested in public policy.
“You can spend a year there and get to know the process and people. It’s mostly about networking,” Boggs told the audience.
Clarkson, who was drawn to public sector work while still in law school, began his career as an aide to Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. Currently, he specializes in election law, congressional investigations, and lobbying with King & Spaulding.
He advised the students to work the CUA law alumni pipeline in the D.C. area upon graduation.
“[CUA Law] is a great place. I’ve found that alumni make every effort to take care of their own,” Clarkson said.