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Faculty Scholarship Drawing Attention from Academia and in the Marketplace


If book sales are an accurate gauge, then the scholarship of some faculty members at the Columbus School of Law is among the most highly respected and sought-after in the nation within their respective areas of expertise. 

An Aug. 31 snapshot of sales at (figures are updated hourly), revealed that three Catholic University law professors are coauthors of treatises that are top-sellers among the thousands of law-related books carried by the online retail giant. (Pictured above, left-to-right, are CUA Law professors Kathryn Kelly, Lisa Lerman, Raymond O'Brien, and Marin Scordato).
Professor Kathryn Kelly's “Cases and Materials on Torts,” (12th University Casebook Series) was recently the #1 bestseller in torts law on Amazon, and is currently #3. Kelly is among three co-authors of the text. The volume’s description reads in part:
“Unbiased in its approach and organized in manageable sections of information, the casebook expands law students understanding of tort law doctrine and rationale with helpful notes, memorable cases and statutes, and discussion of topics such as the increasing influence of legislatures on the common law of torts. This immensely popular casebook combines the best of the new tort cases while preserving the classics.”
Professor Lisa Lerman’s “Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law” (3rd ed. Wolters Kluwer, 2012) is #3 on the Amazon bestsellers list for ethics and professional responsibility. Recently, it also was #1. Coauthored with Georgetown Law Center Professor Philip Schrag, the text is described as:

           “… a problem-based casebook sure to generate lively class discussion. Using real-world problems and cases, with emphasis on issues students are likely to face in their early years of practice; it places students in the lawyers’ position to engage in simultaneous strategic and ethical analysis of each problem.” 


Father Raymond O'Brien's “Domestic Relations: Cases and Materials” (University Casebook Series) is currently #14 among the top 100 books dealing with domestic relations family law. Co-authored with Walter J. Wadlington, the casebook reflects:
…“a changing society's legal needs. It discusses a number of provisions from the California Family Code and new statutes. The book's notes include San Francisco's domestic partnership agreement and Hawaii's current approaches to same-sex marriage. Other topics and cases include informal marriage, grandparent visitation rights, international custody disputes, ERISA preemption, and property settlement agreements.” 

In addition to’s book sales list, Professor Marin Scordato’s 2008 article, “Understanding the Absence of a Duty to Reasonably Rescue in American Tort Law” (82 Tulane Law Review 1447), has been noted and discussed in “The Law of Torts” (Dan B. Dobbs, Paul T. Hayden, and Ellen M. Bublick, 2nd ed. 2012).  
This volume is widely considered the leading treatise on American tort law. In section 405, the authors write, “Professor Marin Scordato has more recently engaged in a thoroughgoing analysis of the costs and benefits of a duty-to-rescue rule, concluding that the likely ‘very modest’ benefits such a rule would offer are ‘overwhelmed by more than a half-dozen costs.’”