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Practice Pays as CUA Law Graduates are Sworn into the Virginia State Bar

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Raising hands and repeating the oath, 51 graduates of the Columbus School of Law were officially sworn in to the Virginia State Bar on Oct. 29, 2012.
The peaceful ceremony at the Richmond Convention Center stood in contrast to the massive Hurricane Sandy, whose powerful offshore churning up the East Coast on the same day prompted some eligible candidates to skip the occasion and be sworn in at a later date.
Most, but not all, of the CUA Law July bar exam takers were from the Class of 2012. First time test-takers passed at 75.8 percent, competitive with the overall state average.
However, those former students who took CUA’s “Virginia Bar Preparation and Practice,” taught by adjunct Professor Reid Flinn, enjoyed a first-time pass rate of 79 percent, slightly surpassing the Virginia statewide average. 
“CUA’s bar prep course is the reason I passed the bar exam,” said Sarah Fay, one of law school’s newly admitted Virginia attorneys. Classmates echoed her praise for CUA’s program. “I owe a huge debt of gratitude,” agreed Alex Reynolds.   
“Relative to competing law schools, CUA offers the most thorough bar exam preparation for its Virginia applicants,” said Professor Flinn.
He continued, “Bar passage affects reputation, and reputation impacts not only hiring but also rankings, so it’s very rewarding to see our graduates outperform their peers. Our continued success in preparing graduates to pass the bar exam should help make CUA Law an attractive choice for prospective law school applicants.”

Newest CUA Law Members of the Virginia Bar
Jared Anderson
Philip Angeli
Emily Bachman
Nicole Bonjean
Christopher Casavale
Timothy Casula
Sarah Conkright
Patrick Corbus
Patrick Darno
Gwenlynn W. D'Souza
Cameron Dupuis
Jessica Elder
Sarah E. Fay
Richa Fortuna
David Fulleborn
Ellen J. Gehris
Kelsey Jo Guyselman
Evan Hamme
Megan Koster
Eleftherios Kranis
Kaelin Kuhn
Stella Lee
Dawn Livingston
Laura Martin
Katharine Mason
Michael McCloskey
Daniel T. McGraw
Casey Nash
Emily Newman
Nikola Nikolov
Annie Noble
Bethan Noonan
Kevin Ohlhausen
Pranay Pattani
Julian Patterson
Brittney Pulley
Meena Rajan
Alexander Reynolds
Robert Rhatigan
Andrea Shuford
Casey J. Simpson
Susannah E. Smith
Katherine Sparks
Leigh N. Sprowls
Douglas Svor
John Tenaglia
Holly Tompkins
Christopher A. Treanor
Renee TrotterDustin Ware
Christopher L. Young