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Brody Burks, at left, is the assistant district attorney for Limestone County, Texas.
(Photo by Roxanne McKnight).


2008 Alumnus Prompts Question at White House Press Briefing


What do you put in your beer, Mr. President?
The question was put to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Aug. 23 in response to brewing interest among the nation’s beer aficionados about the exact recipe for White House Honey Ale, a home-concocted formula that President Obama has sipped on the campaign trail recently.
The curiosity about the beer’s precise composition (honey is one acknowledged ingredient) has been driven partly by Columbus School of Law alumnus Brody Burks, Class of 2008, who filed a Freedom of Information Act request that asks the Administration to release the recipe.
“I've started a minor firestorm on the internet the last few days with a FOIA request I sent to the White House, seeking the Presidential beer recipe. It's taken over the blog traffic,” says Burks, the assistant district attorney of Limestone County, Texas.
The White House at first declined to share its closely guarded state secret, but later said it would release the beer’s recipe if enough people signed an online petition asking it to do so.
The entire episode received a tongue-in-cheek write up in the Atlantic Wire on Aug. 23rd.